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RwandaTenders provides latest updates on tenders from Rwanda. The information is collected from various sources like: Purchaser's websites, News papers and other Rwanda Government Tenders sites.Subscriber can view and download unlimited number of public tenders, published by various agencies of Rwanda Government.

Supplying Branded Clothes

RWT Ref No.:  70548582

Deadline:  31 Aug 2022

Company Asset Insurance

RWT Ref No.:  70545154

Deadline:  02 Sep 2022

Consulting Services- Climate Strategy

RWT Ref No.:  70545153

Deadline:  19 Sep 2022

Consulting Services-Financial Risk Management

RWT Ref No.:  70545151

Deadline:  19 Sep 2022

Selecting a Firm to Audit its 2022 Financial Statements

RWT Ref No.:  70545079

Deadline:  07 Sep 2022

Supply of Preferred Ed-Tech Kits

RWT Ref No.:  70496036

Deadline:  02 Sep 2022

Catalyzing Market Prospects

RWT Ref No.:  70496035

Deadline:  26 Aug 2022

Transforming Eastern Province through Adaptation (Trepa) Project

RWT Ref No.:  70496034

Deadline:  25 Aug 2022

Full Set of Traffic Barrier

RWT Ref No.:  70495999

Deadline:  31 Aug 2022

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